Private and Public Mausoleums

Mausoleums have been used by families for many years to honor and remember their departed loved ones in a more striking and distinguishing way. In the past, they were a preserve of the political and economic elites, but today, we at Crawfordsville Monument Co can help you build a custom-made mausoleum for your departed loved one at a favorable cost.

Over the years, we have designed a lot of top-quality mausoleums in Crawfordsville, and we are a household name in West-Central Indiana. By hiring us to build a mausoleum for your loved one, you can be sure that our highly talented masons are going to use top-grade granite to deliver a mausoleum that will stand out and be viewed for many years to come.

Single or Multiple Crypts Available

Small, single-crypt mausoleums are a more affordable option for those wishing to enjoy that distinguished memorial. For multiple interments of spouses, families or for future generations, we offer multi-crypt, walk-in mausoleum construction as the highest level of memorialization available. You’ll enjoy our streamlined design and construction process that does not detract from the striking quality of your mausoleum.

Combining Form With Lasting Function

  • Top-grade granite

  • Custom pillars and arches

  • Expert engraving services

  • Custom portraits and inlaid carvings

  • Custom plaques

  • Custom metalwork